Mission, Vision and Values

Mission and Values

Our stated mission is “forming a people through Christ to glorify Him everywhere.” But what is the meaning and practice behind a mission statement? How do we know when we have fulfilled our mission?

  • We are formed into the image of Jesus Christ through the internal work of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of other believers. 
  • Our lives, in every facet of our existence, must increasingly reflect the person of Jesus Christ. We respond, we think, we feel, we do what Jesus did.
  • We take Christ’s presence with us into every sphere of life and there let his beauty and person be lived before a watching world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a community of Christ followers who love and serve God and others wherever we are.

  • We want to be known as a community of believers who deeply love God and are transformed by that love into Christ’s likeness.
  • We want to help others experience God’s love in tangible ways as we walk into authentic relationships with them, understand their needs, and point them to the love of God in Christ.