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Come Lord Jesus – Longing For Deliverance – Discussion Questions


1. Think about something that makes you afraid. How did you handle that fear? 2. What does this passage teach you about responding to your fear? 3. What areas are you longing for God’s deliverance? Join together in praying for his deliverance in those areas.

Come Lord Jesus – Longing For Deliverance – Discussion Questions2020-12-03T23:50:35-06:00

Character Of Servants – Discussion Questions


1. What big, systemic problems in the world bother you? What light does this passage shed on addressing those problems? 2.What next steps is the Spirit prompting you to take in light of this passage? 3.How does the gospel and Jesus Christ give us hope to step into the problems of our day?

Character Of Servants – Discussion Questions2020-11-20T19:06:13-06:00

Care Of Leaders – Wheaton


Passage: 1 Timothy 5:17-25 Speaker: Mitch Kim Series: Truth Over Spin Care Of Leaders             How do we build a culture of honor? Without honor we use and discard people as disposable; with honor we value as God values, blessing both those who overlook and those who oversee others. Last week we looked at how

Care Of Leaders – Wheaton2020-11-18T10:02:27-06:00