EQUIP classes are a great opportunity to dig deeper into God’s word in community and with the help of experienced teachers including college professors, pastors, and authors. 

Classes are offered 9am and 11am on Sundays.

9:00AM Classes – Wheaton

LOCATION: Rooms 101-103

The narratives in the book of Daniel are among the best known and best loved of the Old Testament. In these accounts the sovereignty of God is manifested in the life of Daniel and proclaimed by the greatest kings of the world of the sixth century BC. The familiarity of the narratives stands in sharp contrast to the obscurity of the prophetic visions that take up the second part of the book. We will study the book to try to understand the relationship between the narratives and the visions and in the process expand our trust in the sovereignty of God even in troubled times. This class will run for 6 weeks (August 20-September 24).

LOCATION: Rooms 101-103

Today we often view the early chapters of Genesis with questions of science in mind. This leads us to force our own questions on the text looking for modern answers. The cost is that we often lose sight of the important theology of these early chapters. Over these six weeks we will focus on important theological topics such as:

  • Ordering Creation
  • God’s Rest
  • Cosmic Identity and Sacred Space
  • Sabbath: Meaning and Observance
  • Image of God
  • Human Identity

In the process we will discover what the Bible is teaching in these foundational passages.This class will run for 6 weeks (October 1 – November 5).

LOCATION: Foundation Room

Learning to do community and relationship well can be challenging! By reorienting our identity in Christ, looking at principles of relationship from Scripture, and building relational skills, we can begin to understand ourselves and others better, and grow as an Acts 1:8 family.This class will run for 12 weeks (August 20 – November 5).

9:00AM Class – Warrenville

LOCATION: Warrenville

This is a course on salvation history, from Creation to the New Garden, showing how the major themes of God’s purposes flow through all the different books of Scripture.

10:15AM Class – Wheaton

LOCATION: Room 108

Practice listening to, speaking and reading English with others in our Wellspring family.  We will read the Bible and practice worship songs in English. Curriculum will be the Scripture from the sermon.  Invite your friends and neighbors who want to work on their English! This class will run for 11 weeks (September 10 – November 19).

11:00AM Classes – Wheaton

LOCATION: Room 106

Spend an hour in prayer with others from your church community. This class will give you space & time to pray for all that is on your heart.  We will be leaded guided prayer, corporate prayer, and allow space for significant time of individual prayer.  If you are looking for contemplative time and space, this is the hour for you! This class will run for 12 weeks (August 20 – November 5).

LOCATION: Room 108

Luke says in 24:27 that Jesus taught what Moses and the Prophets said of him.  In Matthew 5:17, Jesus said that He came to fulfill what the Law and Prophets said about Him.  The class will study passages in the Law and Prophets that speak of Christ. This class will run for 12 weeks (August 20 – November 5).