EQUIP classes are a great opportunity to dig deeper into God’s word in community and with the help of experienced teachers including college professors, pastors, and authors. 

Classes are offered 9am and 11am on Sundays.

9:00AM Classes – Wheaton

LOCATION: Rooms 103-105, beginning January 14, 2018

This is a 14-week course which introduces you to the processes and disciplines of personal spiritual formation “till Christ is formed in you” (Galatians 4:19). This series is a whole-person approach to growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ; it includes a focus on spiritual health and spiritual practices. Consider this series as a personal laboratory. Much of the time together on Sundays will be spent in large group interaction and small group conversation. It will be primarily experiential in nature but will include weekly assignments. To get the most from the course it is beneficial to commit to all 14-weeks. There is an enrollment cap of 21 people.

LOCATION: Foundation Room, beginning January 14, 2018

The hope of this class is to grow our ability to engage with one another well as collective members of our church family. To that end, this class seeks to provide a safe place to explore the interpersonal and systemic realities that shape our experiences of ourselves and our communities. Together, we will explore the practical significance of a variety of Biblical themes as we seek to learn what it means to love each other well in light of our beautifully diverse backgrounds. 

9:00AM Class – Warrenville

LOCATION: Warrenville, beginning January 14, 2018

The narratives in the book of Daniel are among the best known and best loved of the Old Testament. In these accounts the sovereignty of God is manifested in the life of Daniel and proclaimed by the greatest kings of the world of the sixth century BC. The familiarity of the narratives stands in sharp contrast to the obscurity of the prophetic visions that take up the second part of the book. We will study the book to try to understand the relationship between the narratives and the visions and in the process expand our trust in the sovereignty of God even in troubled times.

11:00AM Classes – Wheaton

LOCATION: Room 108, beginning January 14, 2018

A study of Passover in the Bible, showing the relation of the Exodus event to the Lord’s Supper and Christ’s redeeming death, with a look at the development of traditional observances in the early Church and in Rabbinic Judaism.


This year, Passover coincides precisely with Holy Week, falling on Good Friday.  This class will trace the theme of Passover through the Bible–from the Exodus event, through the books of history and the prophets, up to the Gospels and Epistles.  It will deal with the Lord’s Supper being instituted at a Passover meal, and Paul’s teaching that Christ is our Passover Lamb.  To address modern-day issues, this study would also look at religious history–how the early Jewish-Gentile Church “Pascha” observance changed to “Easter,” and how the “Seder” ceremony evolved in the unbelieving Rabbinic Jewish community (and was adopted and changed by Messianic Jews.)

LOCATION: Room 106, beginning January 14, 2018 (this class will meet 2x a month on the 2nd & 4th Sundays)

Jesus modeled for us how to build authentic relationships with others leading to spiritual conversations. This class will function like a small group and work to instill those principles in our lives. “Walk the Way” will meet every second and fourth Sunday of the month and will require mutual commitments, support, and accountability as together we follow Christ. The key question to ask before participating is, “Do I have a desire to see others introduced to Jesus?”