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EQUIP Classes at the Wheaton campus are beginning on January 12 and will run through April 26.

9:00AM Class

Reading the Old Testament in Community

TAUGHT BY: Dr. John Walton, James Cuenod and Jeff Buster

LOCATION: Foundation Room

DESCRIPTION: Have you ever felt confused or frustrated by the Bible? This class will help you better understand how to read the Old Testament. We will be practicing reading the OT in community by doing difficult passages together. This class will align with the church wide “Read Scripture” reading plan to read through the Bible in a year.

No sign up is required!

11:00AM Class

Word & Deed: Discovering the Biblical Basis for Racial Justice in Today’s World

TAUGHT BY: Mason Lancaster & Team

LOCATION: Rooms 104-106

Race is all over the news, and all over our lives. Racial tension is discouraging and deeply problematic. Knowing how to engage and navigate issues of race and ethnicity can be challenging and scary. Does the Bible have anything to say, specifically and concretely, about all of this? Does the Bible call us to actually engage? If so, how? Is “diversity and justice” a passing fad, or is it deeply rooted in God’s heart?

Come explore how Scripture speaks into contemporary issues of racial justice, privilege, systemic racism, community life, corporate sin, and more. Grow deeper in understanding the complexity of these issues and become equipped to apply your learning on a personal and corporate level.

No sign up is required!