Deacon's Ministry

The early Christian church established the office of Deacon to ensure that food entrusted to the church for widows was handled in a responsible manner and distributed fairly. (Acts 6:1-6)

Today, our Deacons demonstrate compassion for people in our church family and, at times, our local community, who are hurting or experiencing a difficult circumstance. Among the ministries carried out by the Deacons are the following:

  • praying for the needs of those who are experiencing difficulties
  • providing meals to families with new babies, to those who are ill, or where there has been a death in the family
  • providing rides to medical appointments, shopping or church services
  • visiting and calling people who need encouragement and connection with our church community
  • helping with work around the house or yard, for those who are temporarily unable to handle these responsibilities
  • assistance with moving

If you are experiencing any of these needs and would like the assistance of the Deacons, please contact the church office at 630.653.1555.

If you would like to participate in the ministry of the Deacons and bless people in our church family—preparing a meal, offering a ride, visiting someone in a nursing home, helping with housework or yardwork—please fill out this form, which will be directed to our Deacons.

Deacon's Ministry Form
Deacon's Ministry

Please indicate the way(s) you have interest in helping the Deacons meet the needs of our church body. We'll keep your name on file and call you when a need arises. 

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