Worship Team Information Sheet

Thank you for your interest in serving the church with your musical abilities.

The following information sheet is the initial step in the process of determining if the worship team is an appropriate ministry. Once you submit your information, you will be contacted by Pastor Reggie Ramos to schedule an audition/interview.

Worship Team Information Sheet

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Tell us a little about your relationship with God and your involvement with Wellspring.

Do you attend Sunday services consistently?*

Which service do you typically attend?

Have you gone through membership at Wellspring?*

Tell us a little about your musical background.

For example, how long have you played? Have you had formal training? etc.

How long did you serve? Did you serve regularly or occasionally? What church/ministry was it a part of?

On a scale of 1 to 5, how comfortable are you with the following:

(feel free to provide specific details as needed in the space below)

...Sight reading off of sheet music?*

...Playing off of a lead sheet?*

...Playing off of a chord sheet?*

...Playing by ear?*

...Transposing songs from one key to another?*

...Spontaneous Improvisations?*

If you are a vocalist, how comfortable are you with figuring out harmonies without sheet music?