Passage: Genesis 1:1-13

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: Re-enchanting Creation

Even a secular world is haunted by God’s presence. A secular world explains everything in terms of natural, historical causes, demythologizing the miracles of the Bible, reducing revivals to the expression of historical forces and ministry success to marketing principles. Yet in excising magic from the world, all signs of God’s presence can be inadvertently eliminated from the world. Yet this age feels haunted by God’s presence, as people grope for meaning in a secular age. What are we here for? Genesis 1 forms a bedrock to understand why we are here. While the earth was without form and void (Gen 1:2), it is formed (1:1–13) and filled (1:14–31) for God’s purposes. From the primeval waters of chaos, God brings order to the heavens and the earth (Gen 1:1) and the chaotic primordial waters (1:2). Dr. John Walton helps us see that the purpose of the account of creation assigns purpose and meaning to God’s creation. This week we will look at Genesis 1:1–13 to see how God formed time, weather and food for His own purposes. As a result we should see the passing of each day, the provision of life and resources all as gifts for himself.