Passage: Genesis 1:14-25

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: Re-enchanting Creation

Authority orders according to its proper function. After becoming senior pastor at Wellspring, the Governing Board granted me authority to lead our church and staff. This authority was not to be expressed in ordering people for my selfish ends (e.g., picking up my dry cleaning and coffee), but to organize our staff and church to fulfill its vision of “Forming a People to Glorify Christ Everywhere.” Authority is demonstrated in ordering to a greater end. Similarly in creation we see that God orders everything for his own ends. God takes what is worshipped (such as the sun and moon) and feared (such as the great sea creatures and creeping things) in the ancient world, and God subsumes them to their function to serve the pinnacle of his creation—humanity. Days 4–6 fill what is formed on days 1–3 of creation. Humanity is placed as vice-regents in the cosmos, and the creation account shows how all of creation serves them.