Passage: Genesis 2:4-17

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: Cultivating Our Eden

Where are we going in this sermon series? As Genesis 1–3 provide an overture to the symphony of Scripture, these chapters lay a strong foundation to reading the entire Bible. In Genesis 1:1–2:3, the God who orders chaos commissions us as God’s representatives to express His rule over every square inch of creation. Building on this foundation in Genesis 1, we will explore in the coming year how key themes like mission, community, work and rest in Genesis 1–2 are developed throughout the Bible and culminate in the book of Revelation. This week we will begin by looking at cultivating Eden; how does the theme of humanity’s focused responsibility to care for a limited amount of space get traced throughout the entire Bible? The story of the heavens and the earth is told by a particular people in a particular place (Gen 2:4–17). Similarly, our particular work in our particular place connects critically to the wider story that God is writing of the heavens and the earth. How so?