Passage: John 14:1–14

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: God Dwells Among Us

Way, Truth, and Life: He Came To Dwell In Our Trouble

In this season of Advent, we remember the first Advent of Jesus’ coming in a manger and look forward to the second Advent of Jesus coming in power. Between these Advents, though, we may feel troubled when we don’t feel the presence of Jesus. Where is he — in the midst of sickness, confusion, broken relationships, or even our own apathy? Certain seasons of life may reveal God’s presence powerfully, but other seasons surprise us by his seeming absence. What do we do when God feels far away? In John 14 after three years of life in Jesus’ presence, the disciples are troubled as they anticipate his absence; he says, “where I am going you cannot follow me now” (John 13:36). Troubled by his impending absence, Jesus tells his disciples, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). Similarly, in our trouble we find a safe place by following Jesus in faith toward greater works (John 14:1–14).