Passage: Daniel 7:1-18

Speaker: Mitch Kim

Series: Ruling From Eden

Ruling As The Son Of Man

“I can’t do this.” Sometimes we feel powerless in the face of the challenge. Your family erupts in open conflict or seethes with passive aggression, and we feel unable to address this. The divisions in our nation run deeper and deeper, and our best efforts seem to exacerbate, not alleviate, the problem. This is how the people of God feel in Daniel 7. They are living in exile in Babylon, forced from their homeland by an enemy army and subdued by their power and, apparently, their gods as well. These enemy armies are represented by beasts in Dan 7:1–8 that overcome the people of God. Weren’t we called to have dominion over the beasts (Gen 1:28)? How do we exercise authority when we seem to have so little power? In the face of our powerlessness, Daniel 7:9–18 shows how God rules from his throne and gives the kingdom to the son of man so that God’s people receive and possess that kingdom forever.