Passage: Revelation 5:1-10

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: Ruling From Eden

Ruling On Earth

Imagine an Eskimo trying to describe a pineapple to those in his village after a trip to Hawaii. “Sweet yet juicy blubber” may be his best description.

[1] Similarly, the glories of heaven can only be haltingly described by those who have only experienced earth. Books like Revelation (and Daniel) are not literalistic extensions of earthly realities to heaven but portray heavenly realities to a persecuted and beleaguered church on earth. We have been exploring our invitation to express our authority and rule on earth in Psalm 8, Daniel 7, and Matthew 28. How will God establish his people as kings who rule on earth? Revelation 5 shows that despite our failure to accomplish God’s purposes, we see the Lion-Lamb who was slain to make kings and priests who rule on earth through worship and prayer.

[1] Joseph Bayly, A Voice in the Wilderness (Colorado Springs, Co.: David C. Cook, 2000), 261.