Passage: Revelation 7:1-17

Speaker: Mitch Kim

Series: Community Of Eden

Unity In Diversity Before The Throne

On Palm Sunday Jesus marched into Jerusalem on a donkey before his death. This shows that Jesus conquers not through military might but weakness, not the power of a lion but the weakness of a lamb (Rev 5:5–6). Not only does Jesus conquer in this way, but the church follows the Lamb wherever he goes (Rev 14:4). Revelation 7 develops the image of Rev 5:5–6 and applies it to the church as a whole; the army led by Judah (Rev 7:1–8; cf. 5:5) is the multitude of worshipers of the Lamb (7:9–17; cf. 5:6).  As a result Revelation 7:9 is less a worship service and more of a post-battle victory song.

[1] We see that our diverse army is assured victory through perseverance which is rewarded.

[1] Revelation 7:9 is often used to argue for a multiethnic church on earth. Since Rev 7:9 pictures a  heavenly worship service with people from every nation, therefore we ought to have our earthly worship ought to reflect that same reality. Yet the picture is more of a post battle victory song! The dominant imagery is militaristic: censuses were typically taken to prepare people for war (Rev 7:4), palm branches is peace after war (7:9), and washing robes happens after battle (7:14).