Passage: Genesis 3:14-19

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: True Rest

Rest Frustrated

So often we long to rest from work. Yet God has designed us to work from rest; in Gen 2:15, God literally “rests” (translated ‘puts’; Gen 2:15) humanity to work the temple of creation. Just as God’s rest in creation enthrones God as king in the palace and temple of creation (Gen 2:1-3), so God installs humanity as vice-regents in creation that they might work from their position of rest and authority in creation. This week we begin a new series on True Rest, that we might work from rest. But we have a problem, since work is marked more by futility than flourishing. We long to rest because we are tired. We are tired because work feels futile. Why is that? What frustrates our work? Genesis 3 diagnoses the reason for this futility as sin. Sin unleashes death that frustrates relationships and brings futility, but Jesus brings life to restore relationships and bring flourishing.