Passage: Exodus 33:12-23

Speaker: Mitch Kim

Series: True Rest

Anticipating Rest

How do we enter into God’s rest and reign in light of sin? Last week we saw that sin unleashes death that frustrates relationships and brings futility (Gen 3:15–19). Yet God reverses the curse of sin and death to bring his people into rest. Exodus pictures the journey of God’s people out of slavery and death into the flourishing of life and rest of the Promised Land. But sin repeatedly undermines God’s purpose. Although God promises rest and leads his people out of slavery in Egypt, the people rebel against the LORD and build a golden calf instead. Does sin negate the promises of God? Can God’s promises ever be fulfilled in the face of our rebellion and sin? What will God do with our sin? In Exod 33:12–23, God brings rest by his presence with his people and in his grace through a mediator. Moses’ role as mediator points forward to a new and better mediator Jesus, who continues to lead us into God’s promised rest by his presence with his people and in his grace.