Passage: 2 Samuel 7:1-17

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: True Rest

Kingly Rest

It is easy to presume upon grace. Since God has been so good to us, we try to pay God back for what he has done. Yet nothing that we can do can repay what God has done for us. We must not presume that since we have lived by grace until now, we can now do something for God by our works. Yet if we begin with grace, we must continue in grace. No matter how much grace we have received, God has more. In 2 Samuel 7, David wants to repay God’s grace by doing something big for God like building God a house. Everyone, including the prophet Nathan, assumes that David can now do something for God. But God has more grace to give. In 2 Samuel 7:8–17, God promises rest for David and his house forever. Similarly as we think of God’s grace to us, we can remember that God has given us a name (7:8–9) to plant his people in a place (7:10–11) and establish his kingdom forever (7:12–17).