Passage: Ephesians 3:1-13

Speaker: Cheryl Baird

Series: We Are Wellspring 2.0

We Are A Mystery

Paul uses the metaphor of “Mystery” to describe the Church. We are a living, breathing, group of people drawn together as a community of faith which is the body of Christ.  God chose to reveal the mystery through Paul when He was ready to establish His church, His “called out ones.” The church is at the center of God’s redemptive work and His eternal plan. The mystery of the church is not like a riddle or a secret. Rather, it is the truth of Jesus Christ revealed so His purposes will prevail. Paul teaches us that the church (God’s people) is becoming God’s new residence. We are diverse, sinful people being used by God to accomplish His purposes in this crazy world. We are complicated, we disagree, and we are “under construction.” We are part of this mystery that God planned from the beginning. A plan where all people would join together in Christ with no barriers between us.

We at Wellspring are people who get to be a part of God’s big story!