Passage: Micah 4:1-5

Speaker: Jeter Livingston

Series: We Are Wellspring 2.0

We Are A Basecamp

In this installment of our series, We Are Wellspring, 2nd edition, we will examine Wellspring as a base camp for global mission, a phrase heard often around our community, thanks to Pastor Mitch. But what in the world does that even mean? Well, several times in Scripture writers speak about going up Mt. Zion, God’s holy place (check out the Psalms, and the prophet Micah for examples). And indeed, our entire life journey towards him can be characterized as an ascent up this holy mountain, a pilgrimage with challenges and difficulties all along the way. Any good mountaineer will tell you that a base camp is essential for a successful ascent to the mountain’s summit. As Wellspring, as mountaineers scaling the slopes of this mountain before us, we are to be a base camp for global mission, both across the street and around the world. We will explore that essential concept defining us as a local body of Christ. We’ll see that a base camp is a place of preparation, a place of provision and a place of peace, where we face together and conquer the challenges of a technical climb. Bring your gear and let’s begin climbing!