Passage: Psalm 84

Speaker: Mitch Kim

Series: Zion

Highways To Zion

                  Is your heart a highway to hell, or a highway to heaven? All of our hearts have paved highways in a certain direction, and we often must repave our hearts highways to head in a better direction. . When I am overwhelmed, I can cruise in anxiety to a dark discouragement, or I can journey through prayer to peace. When I succeed, I can swell in pride or sing in praise to the Provider. Growth happens when we let the highways to hell in our hearts get shuttered with neglect, and we trample down fresh highways toward heaven in our heart. In Psalm 84:5 the Psalmist paves his heart’s highways for Zion. Zion is the place where heaven touches earth, and we must pave highways to Zion in our heart. How? We pave highways to Zion by finding our song (Ps 84:1–4), strength (84:5–8), and shield (Ps 84:9–11) in the LORD’s presence at Zion.