Passage: Psalm 74

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: Zion

Rescuer Of Zion

                Do you ever feel like you just can’t get through to God? If our hearts are supposed to be highways to Zion, how come sometimes it feels like there’s a big “road closed” barrier in the way? It can be hard to reconcile the promise of unfettered access to the power and presence of God through Christ, and the realities of tragedies, broken relationships, sicknesses, poverty, that we still go through. In Psalm 74, Asaph wrestles with the destruction of Zion, and the delay of God’s rescue. Yet as he remembers the saving work of God in the past, he finds the strength and longing to keep calling out to God for help. In the same way when the highway to Zion feels closed we reflect on why tragedies fall on us (Ps. 74:1-11), we recall the history of God’s saving work (74:12-17), and we keep calling on God for rescue (74:18-23).