Passage: Psalm 46

Speaker: Mitch Kim

Series: Zion

Refuge Of Zion

Fear paralyzes.  Remember jumping off the high dive for the first time? When I climbed climb up those stairs to the high dive, looked over the side of (what felt like) hundreds of feet down, I was sure that a leap would lead to certain death. My knees started to wobble, my heart dropped to my stomach, and I got stuck. I couldn’t move forward or backward. Yet when I leapt from that diving board, fear turned to exhilaration as I soared through the air and hit the water. I was hooked. And I went up again for another.  Similarly, fear can paralyze us and prevent us from the exhilarating journey of faith. Yet Psalm 46 paints a picture of the refuge of Zion.  When Zion, the intersection of heaven and earth, is our refuge, then we are fearless no matter our situation, glad no matter our opposition and still no matter the turmoil around us.