Passage: 1 Peter 2:13-3:7

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: Heaven Touching Earth – Community

Being Real With Submission

Sometimes we protect ourselves in a bubble that God wants to burst. Our bubble allows “good” people (=agreeable and comfortable) close to us and keeps “bad” people (=disagreeing or awkward) away from us. Yet God sometimes bursts that bubble with uncomfortable situations caused by others — a law enacted that we disagree with, a boss that repays our good with bad, or a marriage that feels impossible. We often deal with that discomfort by criticizing those “bad” people or institutions and justifying ourselves, rebuilding our bubble. Yet God’s wants to burst that bubble by empowering us to step into the lives of messy people so that His grace might abound. In 1 Peter 2:13–3:7 the church is called to be real with imperfect authority, “subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution,” whether government, work, or marriage.  Yet that messiness is an opportunity for God’s grace burst our bubbles. How? Amidst broken and even evil authority, we do good, trusting in God’s purposes so that our lives might shine brightly by the power of Jesus’ death.