Romans 3:20-25a

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: Heaven Touching Earth – Community

Belonging to Jesus

*due to technical issues, the first portion of this message is missing. 

Being a community where people can belong and be real together sounds great! We all long for deep acceptance, to be known fully and loved fully. So just how does someone go about becoming a part of Wellspring’s community? This real community of full acceptance and love is only made possible in Christ. As we acknowledge our sin and realize our need for rescue (Romans 3:20), we see God’s salvation through Jesus, and place our faith in him (Romans 3:21-25a), and we are filled with the love of God for us and enabled to love others the same way. He loved us in all our mess so we also can love each other in full knowledge of each other’s imperfections. We can belong to each other and be real with each other inasmuch as we belong to Jesus (Romans 1:6).