Dear Wellspring Family,

As Pastor Mitch has mentioned the past couple weeks, I’m in process with the C&MA to go to Germany as an International Worker to work with the refugee population there. This is a direction that has developed over time; it has grown from a desire to work with international families to an increasing burden for the health of the Church, and from there to a recognition that my story and life has uniquely prepared me for this work with families that are struggling with loss and cross-cultural challenges as they navigate life in Germany.

The first tentative steps of this journey began in 2015, before I even knew what might be possible, and have continued over the past several years as I’ve worked towards completing licensure requirements as a therapist and also towards clergy credentialing. I am now entering what seems likely to be the final stage of this journey – a final interview with headquarters in December, and then hopefully being slated for deployment mid- to-late 2019. The time period between appointment and deployment is due to various trainings and seminars that the C&MA requires for all long-term IWs.

Part of the challenge of this season is the unknown, the limbo of being caught between being present here and working towards a life in a different place, and not knowing how long that season will be – mostly because the finances aren’t available to send all of us who are ready to go.

I want to ask you to join me in this space of waiting and trusting, of seeking and preparation – in many ways I find it so representative of the Christian life as we’re called to be completely present where we are while also living towards a different reality (eternity). If any of you would like to know more of the journey that has led me here, I’d be happy to sit down with you over a coffee and share!

With much love,

Carissa Van Schooten

Spiritual Formation Associate