Passage: Lk. 1:39–56

Speaker: Mitch Kim

Series: Joyful Fulfillment – God’s Promises Come True (Advent 2018)

Faithful to His Promise

Is blessing simply material? We sit down to a scrumptious meal in a warm home with wonderful people and declare, “We are so blessed.” But what if the meal isn’t great, the home is cold, and the people are…just okay? Are we still blessed? When we look at the life of Mary, she was a poor, pregnant, young…and blessed. Blessing is not always seen and is not only in the breakthrough. The blessing can be in the waiting. But what do we do while we are waiting? Are we still blessed when we don’t yet see the breakthrough? In Luke 1:26–38, Mary sees that God’s blessing abounds as we believe the promise, magnify the promise-maker, and see by faith what is not yet.