Passage: Lk. 1:57–80

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: Joyful Fulfillment – God’s Promises Come True (Advent 2018)

Promises of Salvation

How do we raise children who can prepare the way of the Lord in the spirit of Elijah like John the Baptist? We nourish our hearts on God’s promises for more than our own benefit. When Zechariah had nine months of silence, his own heart towards God and his understanding of God’s faithfulness were transformed. God worked this change in Zechariah’s heart so that Zechariah could raise John to prepare the way for the Lord. When Zechariah follows God’s instruction about naming his son John (Luke 1:57-66), his tongue is loosed and a prophecy of blessing pours out, showing that he understands what God is about to do through the Messiah, Jesus. As Zechariah nourished his heart on God’s promise he became able to teach John how God brings his power to save (1:67-71) through his tender mercy (1:72-75). May we learn the same so that we can help our children prepare the way for the Lord (1:76-80) today.