Passage: Joshua 1:1–9

Speaker: Mitch Kim

Series: Core Values – the Word of God

Courage According to the Word of God

            New Year’s resolutions are scary because we are tired of failing them! Gym membership get forgotten after three weeks; read-through-the-Bible plans get abandoned in the wilderness of Numbers. But how do we move from resolutions to realization of God’s purposes? The book of Joshua shows how the people of God move from resolution to the realization of God’s promises. Like us, God’s people felt uncertain about a tentative future, since their great leader Moses was now dead. Like us, they felt intimidated by the enemies that they faced before them. And like us, they felt insecure, keenly aware of their own weakness. But God speaks, and His Word guarantees the realization of his promise. His Word and presence give power to lead through uncertainty, overcome our enemies, and empower despite our insecurities.