Passage: Joshua 3:1–17

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: Core Values – the Word of God

Trust for Tomorrow According to the Word of God

The Bible makes a lot of big claims about who God is and what he’s promised to do to rescue his people. When we choose to follow God into what he’s called us, sometimes it feels like he’s not making good on his side of the bargain. Where’s the rescue he promised? Where’s his presence with us and his help? In Joshua chapter 3, God calls his people to take their first steps into the Promised Land by crossing the Jordan river. But they have to step into the flood-stage waters before they see God move. As we explore Joshua 3 this week, we’ll see how we follow our holy God (Joshua 3:1-7), by obedient faith even before he brings his miracles (3:8-13), remembering his past faithfulness (3:14-17).