Passage: Joshua 5

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: Core Values – the Word of God

Obedience Today According to the Word of God

Each generation has to follow God afresh. The marks of a vibrant faith in one generation become a legalistic straitjacket in the next. Avoiding movies and alcohol used to demonstrate holy separation from the corruption of the world; watching movies and drinking alcohol can now be seen as missional outreach to the world. So how do we properly discern the contours of obedience afresh? As the LORD rolls away the reproach of our past and redeems us to fulfill his promises for our future, we submit to the One who leads by His presence. In Joshua 5 the people of God are circumcised, moving past the rebellion of a past generation, and celebrate the Passover, redeemed for his promises, so that they might follow God afresh in a new generation.