Passage: Col. 3:18–4:6 (4:2–6)

Speaker: Steve Hands

Series: Core Values – Mission

Mission in All Spheres

Is missions simply an imposition of one culture on another? Colossians reminds us that Christ holds all things together (1:17), reconciles all things (1:20), and hides all treasures of wisdom and knowledge in himself (2:3). Mission, then, is not a cultural imposition but a translation of the riches of Christ to another culture. We begin this week a new series on our value on mission, that we are all called to God’s mission to redeem all things. And in Col 3:18–4:6, our mission is expressed as we receive and release God’s grace in our family, work, and world. We are called to be an Epicenter of Prayer, Evangelism and Mission, and Strategy—a Basecamp for World Mission.