Passage: Isaiah 6:1-8

Speaker: Jeter Livingston

Series: Core Values – Mission

God’s Glory Is God’s Mission

Why is “missions” one of the six core values of Wellspring? What’s our motivation for doing missions across the street and around the world? Why do we strive to be a basecamp for global outreach? We can cite many different motivations – the love of God, the lostness of people, obedience to the Great Commission, compassion, justice – all of these and more are legitimate reasons for doing what we call “missions”. During our just-concluded missions week we were exposed to many of our own who are engaged in these good and necessary works around the world.

But all these reasons are secondary to the great and ultimate reason: the glory of God. The heartbeat of God is his glory. Over and over this cry rings out in Scripture: For my Name’s sake I do this! I will not share my glory with another! It is what is most important to him, and it is what compels him to do what he does, for it is what describes his very essence. His glory is His mission.

Or put another way, God’s mission is to restore his glory completely over all his creation. That glory was attacked at the Fall when humanity challenged his unique position as God. It has continued down through the ages up through our day. God is moving time and space to definitively put an end to all challenges and restore his glory over every nook and cranny of what he has created.

This week we will look at Isaiah 6, 1-8 to see what happens when ordinary people come up against the glory of God. We’ll see that when we experience the glory of God, that which is most important to him and which defines him, we fall down in repentance and worship, and we rise to serve and participate in God’s mission with him. We’ll discover that God’s mission is our mission and that we exist to bring him glory.