By Pastor James Lee

In a little over three months, Wellspring is sending 32 youth and 5 leaders to the LIFE Conference in Orlando, FL. This conference started in 1961, when a group of church pastors (one of them being AW Tozer) sensed a call from the Lord to invest in the next generation. They developed a conference called “Life Investment For Eternity” (which later was acronymed to LIFE). The purpose of the conference was to raise up leaders and help these young people discern a call to ministry as Alliance pastors and missionaries. 1800 youth came to that conference and many answered the call.

Youth ministry models have changed much since 1961, but God has not. He continues to use this conference to expose youth to what God is doing world-wide, and challenge them to take solid steps in faith to see Christ proclaimed in “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) One story that comes to mind is our own Emily Maruyama. As a 12thgrader, she attended the LIFE Conference in 2016. There, she heard the call to ministry. Since then, she has been exploring exactly what the call looks like. She previously interned for the youth group and is currently the children’s ministry intern, primarily serving at the Warrenville site. While most of the marketing for the conference focuses on the experience and excitement, we want to lean on this legacy and see God call His people into what He is doing worldwide through the LIFE Conference.

This year, we are expecting about 6000 youth for the conference. This is the largest gathering within the Alliance! Wellspring will have a solid presence there, with Skye Jethani as a main stage plenary speaker and Pastor Mitch leading several different youth and leader seminars.

There will be additional opportunities to financially support the youth in the near future. But please first join me in praying for the lasting call on youth to participate in this Acts 1:8 family. Pray that the Lord would speak powerfully through Pastor Mitch and Skye. Pray that the youth group leaders will lead and debrief well. Pray for me as I serve on the planning team.