By Reggie Ramos

I have a confession to make: Halfway through our family’s recent trip to the Philippines, I stumbled. And a week after I returned, I came down with the flu and was bedridden for several days. At that point, I was really tempted to just give up. 

“You’ve failed!” 


“What’s the point of trying anymore?” 

rang the voices in my head.

How did I stumble? During our hectic trip, I missed some days of bible reading in our church’s 2019 Scripture Reading Plan. And then when I got sick, I was tempted to quit the plan all in all because I didn’t complete some readings and fell behind even more. Mind you, I was still reading Scripture, whether it be other passages, or even parts of the scheduled readings, but I wasn’t able to check off the boxes.

But is that the point? Checking off the boxes? Far from it! 

We started this journey together with at least three clear goals:

  1. to spend quality time reading Scripture daily
  2. to learn how to read Scripture more effectively through the help of the contextual videos on the ReadScripture Mobile App.
  3. to do it together, spurring one another on and learning with and from one another. 

Reminded of these goals, I simply jumped back into the plan and have been so blessed as a result. And I want to echo Pastor Mitch’s encouragement from this past Sunday:

On the one hand, if you’ve fallen off track, get back up today! Today’s reading is 2 Samuel 22-24 and Psalm 93! On the other hand, if you didn’t start with us on January 1, consider starting today! Today’s reading is 2 Samuel 22-24 and Psalm 93!

Furthermore, I want to invite you to check in with us on occasion through the Wellspring Facebook Page as we try to promote interaction to spur one another on in this journey. We’re better together!