Passage: John 20:1-23

Speaker: Mitch Kim

Series: Core Values – Discipleship

Transformed As We Follow The Risen Savior

Disappointment can bring about the worst in us. At the tomb, the worst in the disciples is brought out. Their doubts, their grief, and their fears are all exposed. Yet when these disciples encounter the risen Jesus everything changed. Doubt is changed to faith (20:1–10), grief is changed to joy (20:11–18), and fear is changed to courage (20:19–23) as they encounter the risen Savior. This Easter let us journey to the empty tomb that we also might be changed.

            First, doubt is changed to faith (20:1–10). Jesus had spoke repeatedly about how he would have to die on a cross and then rise again, but the disciples did not believe him. They were filled with doubt. They were filled with grandiose dreams of what Jesus would do for them. But when Mary sees that the stone was rolled away from the tomb, she tells Peter and John who also go to the tomb. And they see the empty empty tomb, the folded linen clothes — and they believe. Their doubt is turned to faith.

            Second, grief becomes joy (20:11–18). Mary stands weeping outside the tomb in grief because she has lost her Lord (20;13). Yet when Mary meets the risen Jesus, everything changes. Her grief becomes joy not only because Jesus is alive but also because he is ascending to his Father (20:17). Grief comes from a sense of loss; joy comes because of profound gain. And Mary rejoices because she has great joy.

            Finally, when we encounter the risen Savior, fear is turned to courage(20:19–23). The disciples lock themselves up in fear because of the Jews (20:19). But when they encounter the risen Jesus, their fear is transformed to courage; no longer hiding in fear from the Jews they are released with boldness as His witnesses to the Jews.

            The answer to our doubt, our grief, and our fear is Jesus. Because he has conquered the power of sin, death, and the devil, we can see our doubt be turned to faith, our grief to joy, and our fear to courage. May each one of us encounter the risen Jesus this Easter!