Passage: Psalm 24

Speaker: Mitch Kim

Series: Core Values – Prayer

Seeking God’s Face On Earth

            Sometimes we endure frustrations that we have authority to change. One time I was freezing in my study. I assumed that the thermostat was locked and couldn’t be changed. I kept putting on layers and layers of clothing to get warm, but somehow I was always cold. What a shock to find out that the thermostat was not locked but could be easily changed; I was simply enduring an inconvenience that I had authority to change! Similarly, as children of the living God we often endure frustrations that we have authority to change. Psalm 24 teaches us how to seek God’s face on earth and see God’s hand at work; as we rest in the control of the Creator, we seek God’s face and release his presence on earth.

            First,we rest in the control of the Creator(Ps 24:1–2). Since “the earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof” (24:1), we can be at rest in His control. The earth is founded upon the seas, a theological not geological statement of how God has established the world upon the waters of chaos to bring order from chaos. Therefore, we do not fear any force of evil that swirls around us, but we can rest in the control of our Creator. Yet this rest does not lull us into complacency.

            Instead, as we rest in the control of the Creator, we seek God’s face (Ps 24:3–6). Seeking God’s face is expressed in clean hands and a pure heart, life lived in earnest and honest pursuit of God (24:4). Such a life is only and ultimately possible through the grace of Jesus Christ working in us who enables us to seek God’s face. Even as we seek God’s face, though, this is not the end of the story.

            As we rest in the control of the Creator, we seek God’s face and release His presence on earth(Ps 24:7–10). A gated city that does not yet know the presence of the King of Glory is commanded: “Lift up your heads, O gates! And be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of Glory may come in” (24:7). Yet the doors of this city are opened by the authority of God’s representative. Similarly, we have authority to release the presence of the living God in every square inch of creation. Yet we must open the doors and invite the presence of the Almighty in!

            So what? It all boils down to a passionate pursuit and release of God’s presence. We rest in God’s presence as the Creator. We seek the presence and face of God. And we release the presence of God wherever we go. But sometimes we don’t want to rest, seek, and release God’s presence. But praise God! He has sent His Son Jesus Christ to pursue us, and it is in Jesus Christ that we can rest, seek, and release His presence. May the power and presence of Jesus Christ abound in us that we might release His presence everywhere that we go.