Passage: Philippians 4:2-9

Speaker: Kathy Woods

Series: Partnering Together For The Gospel


This Sunday we get to explore the beautiful gift of God’s peace as we dive into Philippians 4:2-9. In preparation for this message, I want to encourage you to pay attention to how often or how easily you lose that sense of the peace of God ruling your heart. We are going to examine how this peace gets disrupted, how we get preoccupied with things that fuel worry and anxiety and how prayer, holding onto God’s presence and practicing truths in our minds can restore that peace. The gift of God’s peace is something that this world does not grasp or understand. In a world of fear, trouble, uncertainty and brokenness, this peace is a gift we need to cultivate, treasure and live-out vibrantly! If we truly received and lived in this peace, through the enabling power of God’s Spirit, just think of what a magnet we could be to draw others to Jesus Christ.