By Mitch Kim

Home. When the people of God feel alien in the world, they find their home with the people of God in the presence of their Father. The Exodus is the journey of the people of God to find their home in the presence of their God. At the Exodus, the people of God belong as God’s people (Exodus 1:1–6:9) with God’s Name (Exodus 6:10–15:21). This adoption is solidified as the people of God are saved from slavery to become sons of God, and they learn His name as YHWH, the I AM, the personal name of a covenant keeping God who unfolds different facets of that name over time. As they belong in God’s family and learn his name, they lean on that name as they believe through the wilderness  (Exodus 15:22–19:25); through challenges in the wilderness, they journey and unpack different facets of God’s name through those challenges. As they believe in the power of God’s name, they are called to become the people of God (Exodus 20:1–24:18), growing into who God has made us to be; their entire lifestyles demonstrate the unique marks of their Father and family. Yet ultimately they will reflect that character of their God only as they behold the glory of God; Exodus climaxes with an invitation to God’s presence through the building of the tabernacle (Exodus 25:1–40:38).

Belonging. Believing. Becoming. Beholding. This is the journey home, a journey that we want to walk through during this year at Wellspring. Even as we come from many different backgrounds and stories, may we find come home to our Father together so that we might belong and be real together as God’s people. Since we are transformed as we follow Jesus, we want to walk with one another as we believe through the wilderness to encounter his different aspects of his character together. The order is important though; we often must belong before we can believe. And we must believe before we can live out our identity to become the people of God The world desperately needs to see the character of our God, and it will only see it through us as His people who are living as sent ones . Yet our character will only change insofar as we behold the glory of God.  May we be people who are marked by God’s presence.

Right now, we are in the third week of our “Coming Home” series. To see our tentative sermon schedule for this year, click here.