By Mitch Kim

Every home has different rooms; and the strength of our relationship is indicated by where we spend our time. Strangers enter the foyer, become guests to eat in the dining room, grow as friends in the living room, and feel like family when serving in the kitchen and sleeping in the bedroom. Similarly, if we are to come home as the people of God in the church, we should consider which room you are in…and move to the next room. If we think of Wellspring as a home, which room are you in? And how can you move closer — and help others move further— to a place of belonging?

We usually enter a home beginning in the foyer. Strangers stand in the foyer, getting to know what is in the home yet exploring from a polite but safe distance. They are careful to commit, afraid of being in an awkward place that demands commitment beyond which they are ready. And this is wise; we don’t want to enter deeply and then find ourselves in a place of regret. Yet some of you have stood in the foyer long enough; it’s time to take the next step. You’re actually invited to a feast.

Now to move from stranger to guest, we have to step into the dining room to eat; in the presence of God we feast at His table. At the front of our sanctuary, we have a dining table prominently displayed, and from this table we feast regularly — taking of the power of Christ’s broken body and shed blood. And as we feast on Christ together, our hearts are intertwined and transformed. This great feast brings together people from all different backgrounds. Isaiah 2:2–3 paints a picture of the mountain of the house of the LORD gathered for all peoples to gather. And similarly as the people of God gather to worship, we feast on the Word of God and the work that Jesus Christ has done for us, represented by his broken body and shed blood. I remember a powerful picture of this growing up, watching  people from Ghana, Kenya, Columbia, China, USA, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Iran, and so many other nations drawn together magnetically by the power of God’s presence. Around the table, we are no longer strangers.

And we don’t want to remain guests; we want to become friends and family. Next week, we will explore the imagery of the living room as a place where we speak the truth in love, and the kitchen as a place where family serves. And I want to invite you; may you come home here this year. We have been preaching about this, and we want to live this out together as a family. Are you standing as a stranger in the foyer? Come into the dining room to eat. Are you feasting on God’s presence in the dining room?  Join us in the living room to grow in friendship. Are you enjoying the beauty of relationships in the body of Christ?  Step into the kitchen and serve with the family.  May Wellspring be a place where we all take the next step. And may we help others to take the next step as well.