Passage: Exodus 12:21-42

Speaker: Mitch Kim

Series: Coming Home – A Journey Through Exodus

One For All, All For One

If ALL of Jesus is to be shared with ALL the world, then this will demand ALL of us. So why hasn’t Jesus yet been shared with all the world? If Jesus is enough, then why are there so many problems? The problem does not lie in Jesus; ALL of Jesus is still enough! The problem does not in the size of our problems; Jesus is greater than those problems. The problem does lie in the church; if the church is not ALL IN Jesus, depending on ALL of Jesus, then ALL the world will not hear the greatness of Jesus. As we come into a new year, how do we cultivate hearts that are ALL IN Jesus? As we begin a new year, I want to review Exodus 12:21–41, where we see that One died for all that all might live for Him. More specifically we see that One died for ALL our sin for ALL generations and ALL our shame that ALL peoples might live with ALL their lives for Him.

First, One died for all (Exod 12:21–36). The Passover lamb points forward to Jesus the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (cf. John 1:29). And this Passover Lamb was killed to cleanse the people for all their sin (Exod 12:21–23). Sin deserves death, but this Passover Lamb is killed in our place so that our sins might be cleansed. And this Passover Lamb is killed for all generations (Exod 12:24–28); this Passover rite was to be done generation after generation so that each generation might understand what the LORD has done. As result all of our shame is taken away (Exod 12:29–36). The people of Israel had lived in shame for generations as slaves, but when God redeems them as his people they leave Egypt with their heads lifted high. Even Pharaoh asks for their blessing (12:32), and all the Egyptians give them silver and gold jewelry and clothing (12:36). They do not leave Egypt with heads hung in shame but lifted in confidence. Similarly when Jesus the Passover Lamb is slain for us, He is slain for all of our sin, for all generations and for all of our shame. We do not hang our heads in shame because we can be called children of God! One has died for all — all our sin for all generations and all our shame!

One died for all that all might live for Him (Exod 12:37–41). All peoples, no matter their background, can live for Him; the people of God rescued from Egypt is not limited to ethnic Israelites but is a “mixed multitude” (12:38) from all backgrounds. And all peoples were to live all their lives for him; they are to only bake unleavened cakes (12:39). They were to completely remove leaven from their homes to hold a holy gathering (12:15–16); leaven represented the corrupting nature of sin. So as we give all of our lives for Him, we cleanse out the old leaven of malice and evil to be new (cf. 1 Cor 5:7–8). All peoples can live all of their lives for Him (12:40–41); this was to be day of watching to the LORD who brought them out of Egypt to bring them to Himself.

So what? Jesus our Passover Lamb has been sacrificed. Jesus Christ is the power by which our lives can be all in for Jesus. Jesus is the One who did for all that all might live for Him. As we begin a new year together may we return to the One who died for all our sin, for all generations, and all our shame, that all peoples might live all their lives for Him. One for All; All for One!