Passage: Luke 24:36-49

Speaker: Steve Hands and Mitch Kim

Series: Coming Home – A Journey Through Exodus

Resurrection And The Lockdown

            “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!”  The resurrection changes everything — even life in a lockdown. After Jesus was crucified on the cross, the disciples were also locked down, hiding from arrest. When Jesus rose from the dead, everything about their lockdown immediately changed. On Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. How does the resurrection of Jesus change our lockdown?  Because of the resurrection Jesus breaks into our locked rooms to give peace, interpret the Scriptures and release us as His witnesses (Luke 24:38–49).

            First Jesus breaks into our locked rooms to give peace (Luke 24:38–43). When the disciples are locked down, Jesus startles them by walking into their room. Yet he is not simply a spirit; he shows them his physical hands and feet, even eating a piece of broiled fish with them. He imparts peace to them. Similarly we need his peace as we remain huddled in our own rooms, fearful and locked down to protect ourselves from a virus that we cannot even see. Yet Jesus can come to us, even when separated physically, to release His peace.

            Jesus not only breaks in to give peace but to interpret the Scriptures (Luke 24:44–46). He demonstrates how everything in the Old Testament is fulfilled in him, opening their minds to understand the Scriptures about how the Christ must suffer and rise from the dead. Previously the disciples did not understand that their King would have to suffer and die; only as they witnessed his death and resurrection could they understand his Scriptures. His peace is not apart from the Scriptures; his peace comes through the Scriptures. Surprising situations may open our eyes to the Scriptures to understand them in ways that we never had seen before as our preconceptions are shaken up. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead radically shifts the way that we understand the Scriptures.

            Yet Jesus does not simply break into our locked rooms to give us peace and interpret the Scriptures; He releases us as His witnesses (Luke 24:47–49). He sends forth the disciples to proclaim repentance for the forgiveness of sins to all nations and promises power from on high to accomplish that. Similarly the power of Easter at the resurrection propels us as Christ’s witnesses to tell the world, “Christ is risen!” The power of this resurrection gives hope to all the nations of the world.

            “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!” We can celebrate this Easter even from locked rooms because Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He still breaks into locked rooms to give peace, interpret the Scriptures, and release us as His witnesses. May we, the church, rise up through our encounter of the risen Christ this Easter!