Passage: Luke 10: 38-42 &  2 Timothy 3:16-17

Speaker: Kathy Woods

Series: Together, We…

Together, We…Live According To God’s Word

We all have different postures that express our feelings and emotions and thoughts. What is our posture as we engage God’s Word? How do we come to this space to hear from Him?

Open Door: Luke 10: 38 and II Timothy 3:16-17. Martha opened up her home to welcome Jesus, the living Word. She had a conversation with him. She was open to listen to him, even though what she received was not what she wanted to hear. Jesus commented on how her distractions got in the way of what was best. In this interaction, we see that the Word of God—the living Word—is good for reproof, correction and for training in righteous living.

Sit at his Feet: Luke 10: 39-42. Mary also had welcomed Jesus in….and she chose to sit at Jesus’ feet to listen to his teachings. This was the posture of a disciple; of a student or an apprentice. This was the posture of someone who wants to learn…and of someone who cherished every word spoken from their Teacher’s mouth. This was the posture of someone who wants to become like their teacher; to become like their rabbi. She chose the one thing that was necessary. She chose the good portion that could not be taken away from her.

Listening from Below: Luke 10: 39-42.

The posture Mary chose…listening at the feet of Jesus, is a posture of being under the tutelage of her Rabbi or Master or Teacher. She chose the posture of ‘below’. There is significance in this posture… it is a posture of obedience.  The word obey is taken from two Latin words: 1. Ob=from the direction of below and 2. Audier=hearing.  Put that together…and our word Obey literally means to listen from below. As in a child and parent relationship. The child listens from their place of being under the loving care of their father or mother. And they listen to obey.  We listen to the Word of God from this posture of below…of being under our Teacher, under the loving care of our Father…so that we in turn, will obey God’s word….So we don’t just listen and forget…we don’t just skim the word and move on…we take Jesus’ words seriously. We heed his loving call on our lives and joyfully do his will…and bring heaven to earth.

Guest voices to share how they have listened to God’s Word from this posture of ‘below’ and are now taking steps of obedience.

  • Isaiah 58
  • Mark 9

Together, we open ourselves up and obey the Word of God.