IMPEL CURRICULUM/T.E.A.M.S.                   DATE: 10.10.2021                      SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Heb 1:5–13



1. Reflect on Jesus’ and God’s Father-Son relationship: Why does the writer of Hebrews emphasize Jesus’ sonship? What does it mean that Jesus is Son?

2. Reflect on Jesus’ authority and character in vv.8–13 and list as many of these characteristics as you can. How do these impact your image of Jesus? According to these verses, who is Jesus?

3. Why do you think the author of Hebrews is so intent on displaying Jesus’ authority as Son of God?


1. The original recipients of the letter of Hebrews consisted of a heavily persecuted home church in Rome. How would this image of Jesus as the sovereign Son—the One who laid the foundations of the earth and is worshiped by angels—have bolstered their faith? How does it bolster yours?

2. Think about your own context and challenges: Is the above image of Jesus similar or different to the image of Jesus you carry around with you? 


1. If this is who Jesus is, as the Son of God, how ought this truth affect how we live? Think about your worries, anxieties, stresses, addictions, and difficult situations: How does this image of Jesus speak into those?

2. The author of Hebrews emphasizes that Jesus laid the foundations of the earth and will still be there when the earth ceases to be (vv.10–12). How does Jesus’ eternality as Creator affect the way we live our lives?

3. If Jesus is worshiped by angels, how much more ought we worship Him? How can we do this in our daily lives?


  1. Who in your life needs to receive this image of Jesus in their lives?
  2. How much did you need to be reminded of this aspect of Jesus in your current circumstances?
  3. How can you encourage your friends, family, and small group members with the reassurance that Jesus is the sovereign Son who reigns over everything and is worshiped by the angels?   


1. Pray these characteristics of Jesus over someone who is struggling and needs encouragement.

2. Praise Jesus for being who He is. For which of these aspects of Jesus can you thank God?