IMPEL CURRICULUM/T.E.A.M.S.                   DATE:                               SCRIPTURE REFERENCE:



What do you observe about these verses? What do you learn about God from these verses?  

  • What is the Christian life being compared to in these verses?  
  • Who’s included in the “great cloud of witnesses” surrounding us?  
  • List the things that Jesus does in vv. 2-3. 


Making the truth understandable and usable, allowing the disciple to engage with the truth in a personal way. (As the leader, choose the questions you think would be most helpful for the people in your group.)

  • What are some things that can hinder us when we run the race of faith?  
  • What are some things that help us run the race with perseverance?  
  • How does fixing our eyes on Jesus help us to endure?


There’s freedom here for leaders to design questions that address the specific needs of those you’re discipling. Group members can pick the questions they need the most help with or come up with their own.** (NOTE: Accountability is not forcing someone to do something or being controlling over their lives and decisions. It is not behavior modification or adding new rules that are not found in Scripture).

  • What are some areas in your life in which you’re growing weary or losing heart?   
  • Based on these verses, what steps can you take in those areas where you are discouraged?  
  • How can your group support you in throwing off anything that hinders you in running the race of faith?  
  • How would you like your group to encourage you in these areas?  


We want to use our gifts to serve others in need and reach the lost, spurring one another on to love and good deeds. Rather than adding something additional to our busy schedules, consider how God has already providentially placed us where we live, work and play to be ambassadors of his love.   

  • What’s one way you can come alongside and encourage a brother or sister whom God has placed in your life?  
  • How can you encourage others to turn their eyes to Jesus?  


Protecting time in prayer in the group is vital for transformation to take place. Pray about the needs of the people in your group and what they shared. If you didn’t have enough time to pray the week before, consider starting with prayer the following week.**

  • Spend some time thanking God for what Jesus has done for us in vv. 2-3.   
  • Pray for the needs of the people in your group who are weary and losing heart.
  • Pray for any other needs that were shared.


* Please refer to the Learning Circle in HG Resources, or page 13 of the Turbo Curriculum (found on the HG Leaders Resources on our website. Password: leaders).

** There is a list of sample questions on next page

 SAMPLE ACCOUNTABILITY QUESTIONS (from Turbo Curriculum p.17):

How do you feel about the quality and consistency of your time in God’s Word? Is the time meaningful? How has scripture challenged or encouraged you lately?


How are you doing at prayer? What is your pattern of meeting with God? What answers to prayer have you recognized?


Is there any fear, anger or resentment in your life right now?


How is your marriage going? If you have children, how are you doing as a parent? Are there areas where you would like to step up related to leading or building your family? If you’re not married, how have you been relating to your family and other key relationships? Are there areas you’d like to see improved?


Do you feel like your financial choices reflect a desire to honor God?


How have you been tempted lately? Is there anything that needs to be cleaned out to give the Holy Spirit full access to your life?


Are there places in your life where you have deep wounds? Are you experiencing any healing in God’s loving arms?


As you think about your relationships—family, friends, coworkers—are you living in peace? Are there any relationships in your life that are tugging you away from God?


Do you feel like you are being faithful with the gifts God has given you? How are you serving God and others with your time, talents and treasure?


Is there someone in your life who is unconnected to Jesus who you’re praying for and building a relationship with?  When you think about sharing Christ with others does it stir any passion in you?


Do you feel God urging you to add something in some area of your life? Is there anything you think he might be calling you to change or remove?


Is there somewhere specific where you see God moving on your behalf or for your growth?