IMPEL CURRICULUM/T.E.A.M.S.         DATE:       11/7/21                        SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Heb. 13:7-8


What do you observe about these verses? What do you learn about God from these verses?

Some leaders have used their position or power in ways that have hurt others, but far more have led lives as good shepherds who care for their flocks and are worthy of imitation. This passage focuses on the latter.

  • What does the admonition to “Remember” mean to you? Consider its present and active tense.
  • What does Hebrews 13 choose to highlight about leaders? (look at vv. 3, 7, 17 and 24 for examples)
  • Why do you think the author felt the need to remind readers that Jesus Christ never changes? Consider vv 12-13 and 20-21.


Make the truth understandable and usable, allowing the disciple to engage with the truth in a personal way. (As the leader, choose the questions you think would be most helpful for the people in your group.)

  • Think back: Which leaders best spoke the Word of God to you in your Christian walk? How did their instruction and guidance equip you to do the same for others?
  • What makes “remembering” (and submitting to, v. 17) some leaders difficult?
  • What do we learn about Jesus’ leadership? How is Christ’s leadership good news?
  • Consider the outcomes of your various leaders’ ways of life: Do you imitate--or avoid imitating--them?
  • How does Christ’s “sameness” over eternity shape what you believe and how you act?


There’s freedom here for leaders to design questions that address the specific needs of those you’re discipling. Group members can pick the questions they need the most help with or come up with their own.** (NOTE: Accountability is not forcing someone to do something or being controlling over their lives and decisions. It is not behavior modification or adding new rules that are not found in Scripture).

     Open your time with a prayer, asking God to share wisdom about His omnipresence and both rising to and submitting to authority.

     Go around the group and share how or whether you remember your various leaders: It’s easy to judge some of them, but do you also remember and pray for them? How different are your standards of remembrance/support for your secular leaders versus your Christian leaders? How willing are you to imitate their faith (either in God or things other than God)? How does remembering an unchanging Christ help you navigate others’ “outcomes”?


We want to use our gifts to serve others in need and reach the lost, spurring one another on to love and good deeds. Rather than adding something additional to our busy schedules, consider how God has already providentially placed us where we live, work and play to be ambassadors of his love.   

  • Per Q1/Equipping, is there a key Christian leader in your life you can reach out to thank?
  • How can you “remember” more regularly--both your Christian leaders and Christ’s unchanging nature?
  • Name something concrete you’re thankful for.


Protecting time in prayer in the group is vital for transformation to take place. Pray about the needs of the people in your group and what they shared. If you didn’t have enough time to pray the week before, consider starting with prayer the following week.**

  • Praise Jesus for the privilege of knowing Him: Some leader shared that Good News with you!
  • Pray for the current leaders in your circle, your community, your country and your world.
  • Ask Him to help you better remember His permanence and live knowing He is above all, always.