IMPEL CURRICULUM/T.E.A.M.S.                DATE: 12/19        SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Luke 1:57–80 (focus vv 68–79)



1. What is revealed about God’s work in Zechariah’s song?

2. What do we learn of God’s character?

3. Who is prompting Zechariah’s song, and what does that tell us about what we learn about God from the song?


1. In which areas of your life do you see God shining his light?

2. How does the song of Zechariah encourage you amidst darkness?

3. When does it become difficult for you to believe in God’s work?


1. In times when you’ve found it hard to believe in God’s promises for you, what have you turned to as an alternative source of hope?

2. What are some ways we can have hope in Jesus while lamenting at the same time?

3. Looking back, consider the times God has rescued you: How has His faithfulness and care moved you forward and encouraged you to “prepare a way” for those who don’t yet know Him?


1. How can we demonstrate the song of Zechariah in our everyday lives (i.e., at our workplaces, in public, during interactions with friends or family)?

2. How can we love and encourage those around us who are in despair and cannot see the hope offered by Christ?

3. Go around the group and consider your differing giftings and temperaments: In what ways has God equipped you specifically to “shine on those living in darkness”? How can you put these gifts into motion?


1. Recall some of the ways the Lord has shown you “great mercy” when it seemed your hopes would be dashed, and give thanks for His faithfulness and promises.

2. Pray for faith in the promises not yet seen and hope for what God will accomplish.

3. Ask for opportunities to share stories of God’s faithfulness to those who don’t yet know Him.