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NOTE: In light of the switch-up this past Sunday, we will look at Psalm 122 in impel this week, even though the message for this coming Sunday will (God-willing :-) ) go back to Psalm 121. Keep lifting your eyes to the hills!

Psalm 122

● Where do you long to belong? (Or more concretely –where do you have a sense of belonging? Where in life don’t you feel a sense of belonging?)
● How are you experiencing God in this season of wintering?

Read and Discover:
Read Psalm 122 to reflect on last Sunday. Note: Many of us don’t feel comfortable with reading poetry. We like the Psalms, but we may still not quite know how to read them. For the next few weeks, we’ll provide a few questions to help you/your home group feel more empowered to read the Psalms by asking a few observation questions.
● Observe: Identify any words you see repeated in Psalm 122. (How does this repetition “build” the psalm?)
● Observe: Is there anything in this psalm that seems confusing?

● What makes it hard to prepare your heart for worship on a Sunday?
● Brainstorm ways you (and your household) could prepare your hearts for worship on Sundays?
● On Sunday, we heard a little about Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” where he marks a distinction between “negative peace” (the absence of tension) and “positive peace” (the presence of justice). How do you feel about conflict? What kind of tension can make you feel uncomfortable?
● Is there a time like those pastors in Birmingham when you have focused more on the tension of a (non-violent) protest that makes you feel uncomfortable rather than focusing on the tension/injustice the protest is trying to bring awareness to?
● Have you ever seen a time where people were working more for “negative peace” than “positive peace”?
● Where in your life have you seen God bring true positive peace? Where are you praying for God to bring positive peace?

Interactive Spiritual Practice:
This Sunday, choose a practice to get your hearts ready for entering God’s presence. Consider one of the following:
● On your drive to church, ask everyone in your car one way they’ve seen or experienced God this week.
● At breakfast, ask those with you (or text a friend) “In what ways have you experienced God’s protection recently?”