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The Spirit Of Love – Wheaton


Passage: 2 Timothy 1:3-7 Speaker: Mitch Kim Series: Forming Love In A Culture Of Fear The Spirit Of Love             Sometimes it feels that the roaring fires of our vision and faith cool to embers. Recently my daughter Eden was literally jumping up and down with excitement while chattering about ideas to reduce pollution by

The Spirit Of Love – Wheaton2021-03-05T10:03:23-06:00

The Spirit Of Love – Discussion Questions


1. Talk about your spiritual heritage. Whose faith has formed you? Who do you seek to emulate in your faith? 2. What are your next steps in fanning into flame the gift of God? 3. God’s Spirit gives power for his purposes, love for his people, and self control for our progress. Where do you

The Spirit Of Love – Discussion Questions2021-02-25T15:28:35-06:00

The Power Of Love – Wheaton


Passage: 2 Timothy 1:1-2 Speaker: Mitch Kim Series: Forming Love In A Culture Of Fear The Power Of Love             Walking with my father at the end of his life, I realized the power of love. After After thousands of sermons preached and many churches planted, the lasting fruit of his life was seen in

The Power Of Love – Wheaton2021-02-25T15:21:11-06:00

The Power Of Love – Discussion Questions


1. Whose love has shaped your faith? 2. How can God’s calling give you confidence to love? 3. Think about people that you love. How can releasing God’s grace despite weakness, mercy despite shame, and peace despite conflicts give you greater confidence to love?

The Power Of Love – Discussion Questions2021-02-19T23:48:13-06:00

The Fight Of Faith – Wheaton


Passage: 1 Timothy 6:11-21 Speaker: Mitch Kim Series: Truth Over Spin The Fight Of Faith             Is there a fight to your faith? Since church is on the weekends it is easy to consider matters of faith as “leisure.” Matters of leisure should be comfortable, uplifting, and encouraging for us. We work during the week,

The Fight Of Faith – Wheaton2021-02-16T22:42:15-06:00