Black Lives Matter – The Reasons For Our Sign


On Wednesday, November 4, 2020, after extensive prayer and discussion, we posted signs declaring that "Black lives matter." 1.  Why say, “Black lives matter”?  The Bible declares that we are created in the image of God (Gen 1:26–27). Therefore when the world acts in ways that suggest that Black lives matter less, we declare with

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – 10.23.20


Frequently Asked Questions 1. Does this sign demonstrate support of the policy platforms of the BLACK LIVES MATTER Organization? If not, why declare the statement with these three words, “Black lives matter.”? No. We are simply declaring that, “Black lives matter.” In design, font, color, punctuation, and capitalization, we distinguish ourselves from the organization. We

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Why say, “Black lives matter”?


By Pastor Mitch Kim THE QUESTION Why would I say, “Black lives matter,” as I did in my Sept 6, 2020 message? Exploring a passage around an ox that gores, I observed that slaves’ lives mattered as much as sons’ lives. Similarly today, Scripture would affirm that unborn as well as Black lives matter, embracing the

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Making the God of Rest Known (Exodus 23:10-24:18)


By Steve Hands By now, we’re all tired of staying at home. We’re tired of not being able to see our friends. We’re tired of not being able to go out and do what we’d like to do. We’re tired of nothing but bad news as we experience loss and hear stories of loss. We’re

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Statement on Communion


Statement on Communion 4.01.20 What will we do about communion during this lock-down? One of the beauties of the gospel is that it adapts so fluidly in different times to different cultures. The church must constantly be adapting the unchanging message of Jesus Christ to the changing realities of its time. During this shelter-in-place we

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The Anxiety Cure (Matthew 6:25-34)


by Steve Hands The coronavirus has not been with us very long, but already businesses are shuttering, jobs are being cut, investments have been lost, and lives are in danger. We grieve our losses and grieve alongside those who are losing so much. In the middle of our trouble it can be easy to wonder,

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Monday Morning Musings: Making Space For God To Work


By Joyce Dalrymple I remember coming to Wellspring for the first time this summer and feeling the Spirit in this place!  It’s hard to describe but something sacred is happening here every Sunday. We are not just hearing a good sermon, singing, and praying but we are standing in the very presence of God and

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Monday Morning Musings: Shoe Factories, Busyness, And Making Disciples


By Mitch Kim Imagine a busy shoe factory. The workers are toiling. The managers are leading. The finance people have pencils sharp and books in shape. However, no shoes are produced. When asked, the people reply, “Don’t you see how hard we are working?” This would be absurd! Yet if the work of a shoe

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Monday Morning Musings: A Clear And Consistent Sound


By Reggie Ramos As the pastor of worship and communications at Wellspring, an exciting development that I'd like to share with you is that within the next several weeks, we will be upgrading the sound system in the Wheaton sanctuary. This has been a need that I had discerned since the beginning of the merge,

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