As our leadership prepares for the different phases of our church’s reopening, an updated database will greatly help us work through the logistics of gathering together. Therefore, we are requesting all members and attenders to take a minute to fill out a Contact Form.


Please note:

  • Each adult in the household (college-age and up) needs to fill out a separate form.
  • Even if you previously filled out a Contact Info Form or submitted info for a previous directory, this update requires you to fill out a new form; remember to click submit.
  • If you were already in our database prior to filling out this new form, a second screen will pop up informing you that you will receive a second email to verify the changes you just made to your contact info. If all looks good in that second email, click “Yes, the displayed info is correct.”
  • If you indicate on the form that you have children attending Wellspring, you should receive a separate email within the hour regarding additional info for children/youth. Please fill that one out, too, at this time.