EQUIP classes are a great opportunity to dig deeper into God’s word in community with the help of experienced teachers including professors, pastors, and authors. 

11:00AM Class – Wheaton

WHERE: Foundation Room

WHEN: 11:00am from September 12 through November 21

LED BY: Ken & Tina Kunz, Lon & Linda Oury, Dean & Lisa Renninger

RESOURCE: Beyond Colorblind by Sarah Shin. Books will be available for sale at the class.

Class Goals:

-Increase our intercultural and intracultural knowledge: Raise our cultural competency and awareness so we can love and respect everyone at Wellspring (and beyond) according to Jesus’ command to “love one another” (John 13:34). Listen, learn, and ask new questions. We want to do this work together on a continuous and lifelong journey with our whole hearts for the Lord (Colossians 3:23).

Contribute to a Wellspring culture where all people are perceived with the same value and worth: Recognize that, because we are all created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26), we need to work toward understanding and embracing each other’s differences through ongoing conversations about race and ethnicity.

-Create a safe space for open dialog: Enter into this process knowing we need to embrace getting uncomfortable to make progress. Show love and understanding to everyone during uncomfortable moments so we can better understand each other.

-Understand racism on a deeper level: Recognize that there is a difference between outright racism, which universally we are against as a church, and racial insensitivity, which many of us are guilty of without knowing it. Grow in recognition of our own conscious and unconscious biases. Work toward reconciliation in ourselves so we are able to reconcile with those around us who we may have unintentionally hurt through our words and/or actions.